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Tomorrow and Tonight is the only tour bus company meant By Fans, For Fans where you will get to live life on the road and follow the Paramore in North America tour. You will get to live in a Tour Bus as you travel across North America, spending your days exploring cities or national parks, and your nights at a concert or on the road. There is no experience like the freedom of the open road, and now you can experience it with all the details worked out for you. Just show up, relax, and have fun! 

Bookings are organized by arrival dates. The arrival and departure dates will correlate with tour dates. Book as many or as little as you want to live like a Rockstar. 


Spectrum Center

Date : May 23, 2023

Charlotte, NC

Guests will enjoy the opening night of tour in Charlotte, NC at the Spectrum Center.

Travel Day

Date : May 24, 2023


Guests will enjoy a day between shows in beautiful Greensville North Carolina

State Farm Arena

Date : May 25, 2023

Atlanta, GA

Guests will enjoy hanging out in Downtown Atlanta, and watching Paramore preform.

Atlantic City Music Fest

Date : May 26, 2023


Guests will be able to enjoy Atlantic City Music Fest for two days

Boston Calling

Date : May 28, 2023

Boston, MA

Guests will enjoy a day at Boston Calling!

Madison Square Garden

Date : May 30, 2023

New York, NY

Guests will enjoy hanging out in New York, and watching Paramore preform.

Travel Day

Date : June 1, 2023

Baltimore and Delaware

Guests will enjoy traveling by making stops in beautiful Baltimore and Delaware.

Capital One Arena

Date : June 2, 2023

Washington, DC

Guests will enjoy hanging out in Historic Washington DC, and watching Paramore preform.

Travel Day

Date : June 3, 2023

Pittsburgh, PA

Guests will get to stop in beautiful Pittsburgh in-between shows.

Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

Date : June 4, 2023

Cleveland, OH

Gainbridge Fieldhouse

Date : June 5, 2023

Indianapolis, IN

Travel Day

Date : June 7, 2023

Detroit, MI

Scotiabank Arena

Date : June 8, 2023

Toronto, ON

Travel Day

Date : June 9, 2023

Niagara Falls

Schottenstein Center

Date : June 10, 2023

Columbus, OH

PPG Paint Arena

Date : June 11, 2023

Pittsburgh, PA

Travel day

Date : June 12, 2023

Limited stops

Amway Center

Date : June 13, 2023

Orlando, FL

Hard Rock Live

Date : June 14, 2023

Hollywood, FL

Smoothie King Center

Date : July 6, 2023

New Orleans, LA

Guests will enjoy a bright downtown New Orleans, and enjoy Paramore preform at the Smoothie King Center.

Travel day

Date : July 7, 2023

Shreveport, LA

Guests will enjoy stops in Shreveport LA during a day of traveling.

Dickies Arena

Date : July 8, 2023

Fort Worth, TX

Guests will enjoy a day in beautiful Fort Worth Texas, and see Paramore that night.

Moody Centre

Date : June 9, 2023

Austin, TX

Guests will enjoy the capital of Texas, and see Paramore that night.

Travel Day

Austin or Houston

Guests will get to choose between staying in Austin a day longer or checking out downtown Houston a day early.

Toyota Center

Date : July 11, 2023

Houston, TX

Guests will get to enjoy Downtown Houston and see Paramore at the Toyota Center (home of the Houston Rockets).

Travel Day

Limited Stops

limited stops will be made as guests make their way up to Denver, CO- don't worry! There will be plenty of fun with entertainment on board, games hosted by your tour manager, and much more!

Ball Arena

Date : July 13, 2023

Denver, CO

Guests will enjoy a day in downtown Denver and a night enjoying Paramore at the Ball Arena.

Travel Days

Date : July 14, 2023

Multiple stops

Guests will enjoy multiple stops over two days as they travel from Colorado to California.

Viejas Arena

Date : June 16, 2023

San Diego, CA

Guests will enjoy a day in beautiful California and night rocking out to Paramore.

Travel Day


Guests will enjoy Guests will enjoy a day in beautiful California as we travel to the next show.

Kia Forum

Date : July 19, 2023

Los Angeles, CA

Guests will enjoy a day in beautiful California and night rocking out to Paramore.

Travel Day

Date : June 20, 2023


Guests will enjoy a day in beautiful California as we travel to the next show.

Chase Center

Date : July 22, 2023

San Francisco, CA

Travel Day

Date : July 23, 2023


Guests will enjoy a day in beautiful California as we travel to the next show.

Climate Pledge Arena

Date : July 24, 2023

Seattle, WA

Guests will enjoy Seattle throughout the day and Paramore at night!

Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Date : July 25, 2023

Portland, OR

Paramore at Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

Travel day

Date : July 26, 2023

Las Vegas

Travel day with a stop in fabulous Las Vegas

Vivint Arena

Date : July 27, 2023

Salt Lake City, UT

Enjoying Paramore at Vivint Arena.

Travel Day

Date : July 28, 2023

Denver, CO

Travel day as we make our way to Tulsa, with stops in Denver.

BOK Center

Date : July 29, 2023

Tulsa, OK

Enjoying Paramore at the BOK Center in Tulsa.

Enterprise Center

Date : July 30, 2023

St Louis, MO

Enjoying Paramore at the Enterprise Center.

Travel Day

Date : August 1, 2023

Various stops

Xcel Energy Center

St. Paul, MN

Last Show of tour!! Closing the tour strong at the Xcel Energy Center.

Basic Package at $85 a day:
At only $85 a day tour base package will get you anywhere you need to go at less than the cost of a ticket. Including a private tour bunk, shared bathrooms, access to a plethora of charging outlets and USB ports and multiple entertainment systems. Airport drop-off upon request. This is the most basic package and is the most budget friendly way to follow tours. This is cheaper than doing it yourself.

Rose Colored Package at $135 a day.

The Rose Colored package includes transportation to every venue, a private tour bunk, shared bathrooms, access to a plethora of charging outlets and USB ports, multiple entertainment systems, wi-fi, and a fully stocked fridge and pantry. Airport and hotel drop-off. If you plan on working remotely on the road- we recommend this package as you will get first priority on the private study space.

VIP (Very Important Paramore Fan) Package at $175 a day.
You will have transportation to every venue, a private tour bunk, shared bathrooms, access to a plethora of charging outlets and USB ports, multiple entertainment systems while on the bus, airport drop off upon request, wi-fi, a fully stocked fridge and pantry, fresh breakfast daily, private showers, camping services*, and a coffee bar.

*Camping services include storage of camping equipment before the show, and line service. Line service is upon arrival at the venue, your tour manager will take care of all reasonable requests while in line. Want us to pick up a food order nearby? No problem. Need to get out of line to use the bathroom and need someone to hold your spot? We’ll be there for you. It started raining so you need rain gear from the tour bus? we’ll be rushing to your side. Your phone battery is dying and you need an extra portable charger? No problem, we’ll find you in line and provide the charger. Any bump you could have while waiting in line is taken care of by your tour manager. This is mainly built for those who have GA or Pit tickets and line up for extended periods of time, but many fans will choose to line-up early.

Tomorrow and Tonight is NOT associated with artists, and is run BY FANS, FOR FANS. All guests will be responsible for their own tickets, and any additional official merchandise.

All guests will be expected to arrive at the venue, and arrive home safely.

Once you book, we will be putting you through two layers of background checks.

If you do not receive an email within 72 hours after booking- congrats you passed all the background checks!

We will send you a tour itinerary about 30 days before the start of tour. This will tell you all the details of your stay with us.

We recommend taking public transportation, using a ride share service, having a friend drop you off or flying into the city you want to start in.

If you choose to drive a personal vehicle to the venue ensure you have done research on where it would be safe to park it while you are away.

You will already have your concert itinerary, we recommend saving this on your phone. This will let you know the time of our arrival to the venue.

You can arrive at the venue at your digression. We can work with you to find transportation in your area- just reach out before you book and we’ll work with you.

We will meet you to put away your overnight bag, or anything you do not want to carry. You will have the opportunity to meet your tour manager (in-person) at this time. You can see the bus and check out your bunk.

Now, just go to the show or explore the city.

After the show is done, the tour bus will be where you found it, or we will tell you where to meet when you dropped off your bag with us. If you choose not to meet with us before do not fret, your tour manager will reach out to you.

You will meet the tour manager again and everyone will load on to the bus. We do a role call to ensure everyone is safe and on board.

Once everyone is accounted for, we will proceed with airport and hotel drop off for those who will not be going to the next show with us. Any additional stops requested by guests will be made at this time.

We will then go onto the next destination after all needs of our guests have been met.

DOT laws in the US do not allow your driver to drive more than a set limit every week, this can mean breaking up longer drives over multiple days.

However, we treat the tour like your vacation- so if there is an off day we will plan for fun stops and activities for all guests to have fun. These will be included in your tour itinerary. These activities are optional and subject to change, if you choose to stay in the bus and sleep all day instead- you are more than welcome!

We want everyone to have fun on tour, although we can all agree the concerts are fun, we understand that every guest has their own definition of fun. So, we invite you as a guest to make suggestions on what you would like to do on our off days.

We want to make the most of your touring experience, build life-long memories, and always have FUN safely.

When it is your last day on tour, we ask you have your belongings packed before getting off the bus.

You will continue on with your day as normal, after the show we will drop you off at either a local hotel or airport.

We do airport and hotel drop-off at the end of every city, we highly recommend flying as your main transportation on your way home. We can we work with you to find flights or alternative transportation in your budget.

Every day you spend on board is $85 for the Base package, $135 for the Rose Colored package, and $175 for the VIP package.

Some shows may appear to be more expensive because of the travel day in-between the shows.

We can easily customize any trip package, just reach out to us with the dates you would like to do. We do discounts for custom packages as well, so please fill out a Trip Enquiry!

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