Sad Summer Fest

Cities and Dates:

7/12/2023 Dallas TX
7/13/2023 Houston TX
7/14/2023 Travel
7/15/2023 Orlando FL
7/16/2023 Atlanta GA
7/17/2023 Travel
7/18/2023 Travel
7/19/2023 Pittsburgh PA
7/20/2023 Pontiac MI
7/21/2023 Travel
7/22/2023 New York NY
7/23/2023 Worcester MA
7/24/2023 Baltimore MD
7/25/2023 Travel
7/26/2023 Columbus OH
7/27/2023 Newport KY
7/28/2023 Travel
7/29/2023 Asbury Park NJ
7/30/2023 Philadelphia PA
7/31/2023 Travel
8/1/2023 Travel
8/2/2023 Cleveland OH
8/3/2023 Lewiston NY
8/4/2023 Travel
8/5/2023 Milwaukee WI



Sad Summer Fest did not meet the fan interest or demand for us to offer our services. Everyone who purchased received a full refund and reimbursement for any additional travel expenses they planed and were able to make safe alternative arrangements. We hope to service Sad Summer Fans next summer!


If you “purchase” this you will NOT receive anything or any services, it is simply being left up as an announcement until the end of tour. Thank you.


  • Check-in time 2:00 PM
  • Check-out time 2:00 PM


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