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The fan tour bus built by fans, for fans

about us

If you’ve ever wanted to live life on the road seeing your favorite band night after night, making memories to last a lifetime, and live life to the fullest like your favorite artists do every tour- this is for you. This is the ultimate experience for any music fan, and we would love to have you tour along side your favorite artist.


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Currently Tomorrow and Tonight is only a Bus and Transportation services, so guests will be responsible for acquiring their own tickets for shows. Ideally, if demand is met in the future we would be able to do both, so keep reaching out and telling your friends what we do.

We do it based on feedback from you, fill out a contact form at the bottom of the page or email us at .

We lease a tour bus from a third-party company which includes a professional driver with all legal permits, licenses, certification, and safety accommodations.

Tomorrow and Tonight will always have an employee on the bus to take care of guests needs and concerns at all times. This employee will be CPR certified with diversity and inclusion training and personal self-defense training. In addition, after booking guests will receive an email asking to fill out forms for a background check, guests will have 48 hours to fill out the online forms. If any guests fail the background check, they will receive a full refund.

When guests fill out the background check form, they will have the option to share a point of contact with the other guests.

Price Breakdown


Bus rental cost


This is the cost per guest, per night to rent the tour bus. This is a million dollar vehicle with lots of amenities click here to see pictures!



Breakfast every morning, food catered after every show, and a fully stocked fridge/pantry.

Cleaning Supplies*


Keeping everyone safe is our top priority, and that means safe from germs too! Bus will be fully sanitized daily.

Employee Pay


Tomorrow and Tonight has an employee regulating the bus for everyone’s safety and needs, and we do have to pay the bus driver!

Laundry Services*


Clean clothes daily is important, and want the opportunity for everyone to use this service.

Wifi/Entertainment Systems*


There has to be something to do when we’re rolling along to the next destination, hulu, netflix, disney+, a Nintendo switch and more will be made available to everyone!

“photo area” (requested)*


Making memories to last a life time means a tour bus completely themed to it’s tour, a photo wall and a photo booth for your pleasure.

Background Check*


In order to stay on the bus, you MUST pass a background check. Guest safety is our #1 priority.


*One Time Fee

360 (Night one)

310 (Daily rate)


contact us

We are here to help, 7 days a week and always respond within 24 hours. 

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