How does this work?

You can request any artist, however we require at least 50 fans to request an artist in-order to organize a bus. You can look at the tours we currently have to offer on the shop page.

Once you book, we will be putting you through two layers of background checks. 

If you do not receive an email within 72 hours after booking- congrats you passed all the background checks!

We will send you a tour itinerary about 30 days before the start of tour. This will tell you all the details of your stay with us. These are not published to protect guests privacy.

You will already have your concert itinerary, we recommend saving this on your phone. This will let you know the time of our arrival to the venue.

You can arrive at the venue at your digression. We can work with you to find transportation in your area- just reach out before you book and we’ll work with you.

We will meet you to put away your overnight bag, or anything you do not want to carry. You will have the opportunity to meet your tour manager (in-person) at this time. You can see the bus and check out your bunk. 

Now, just go to the show or explore the city.

After the show is done, the tour bus will be where you found it, or we will tell you where to meet when you dropped off your bag with us. If you choose not to meet with us before do not fret, your tour manager will reach out to you.

You will meet the tour manager again and everyone will load on to the bus. We do a role call to ensure everyone is safe and on board.

Once everyone is accounted for, we will proceed with airport and hotel drop off for those who will not be going to the next show with us. Any additional stops requested by guests will be made at this time.

We will then go onto the next destination after all needs of our guests have been met.

DOT laws in the US do not allow your driver to drive more than a set limit every week, this can mean breaking up longer drives over multiple days. 

However, we treat the tour like your vacation- so if there is an off day we will plan for fun stops and activities for all guests to have fun. These will be included in your tour x. These activities are optional and subject to change, if you choose to stay in the bus and sleep all day instead- you are more than welcome!

We want everyone to have fun on tour, although we can all agree the concerts are fun, we understand that every guest has their own definition of fun. So, we invite you as a guest to make suggestions on what you would like to do on our off days.

We want to make the most of your touring experience, build life-long memories, and always have FUN safely.

When it is your last day on tour, we ask you have your belongings packed before getting off the bus. 

You will continue on with your day as normal, after the show we will drop you off at either a local hotel or airport.

Is it really cheaper?

Yes and no. If you do it yourself, you can average around $190 a night. You can always choose to cut costs somewhere, however it is not cheap to travel full-time. We do our best to make ourselves the cheaper option, however doing it yourself does not give you sleep every-night, activities pre-planned, a tour manager to make you feel like a Rockstar, new-friends and the experience of truly touring.

We understand, you can always attempt to cut costs, however time is something that can not be given back. We offer you the additional convince of getting the privilege to tour, without the additional stress of planning every detail yourself. 

Our prices

$85 a day – $100 a day
$135 – 175 a day
 $175 – 250 a day

Do it yourself

Hotel- avg. $100
Gas- avg. $50
Parking- avg. $25
Showers- $15
Sleep- Priceless